Military Liaison Component Prizren

Prizren, Kosovo July 6 and 7, 2002

Left photo is of the "river" which runs through Prizren, Kosovo and of Mt. Pasterlak, which is on the border with Albania.

Center photo is of the large "Turkish" Mosque in downtown Prizren.

Right photo is the main square in Prizren and the drinking fountain located in the square. This square usually fills with people in the evenings.

The left and center photos are street scenes in Prizren. The left photo is of traffic; a tractor pulling a load of wood is leading two KFOR vehicles. Center photo is of a "typical" Kosovo butcher shop, with whole sheep hanging in the window.

The right photo is Wojtek Wilk (UNHCR), Cdr Matti Vainionpaa (Finland), Ltc Peter Christensen (Denmark) and Andy having drinks at a bar adjacent to the main square in Prizren.