St. Patrick's Day in Kosovo

St. Patrick's Day with the

Irish 6th Transportation Company

Father Jerry O'Neil, Irish Army blessed the shamrock before sprigs were given to those present. It is an Irish custom to wear a sprig of shamrock on one's coat on St. Patrick's Day. The explanation is that St. Patrick had used the little trefoil plant as a means of explaining the Trinity.

Andy is posing with three members of the Irish Army bagpipe band.

We were entertained by Warrant Officer Ryan, Irish Navy, who sang Irish songs.

Saint Patrick ordained that the people should always take a drink of whiskey on his feastday. This drink was called the Pota Phadraig" (Patrick's Pot) and is known in English as "drowning the shamrock". Andy is with LTC William Gray and LTC Sean Kilbride, drowning the shamrock with Guinness.